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Do business also with the government.

EU institutions, UN agencies, the World Bank, international organisations, national governments, cities schools, hospitals and corporations - are all subject to different procurement rules, creating business opportunities for various target groups.

Although the main focus of these entities may seem completely remote from the scope of your own activities, each of them requires similar measures to ensure their proper functioning. For instance, personnel need to be equipped, offices furnished, transportation provided, security maintained, stocks delivered, etc. These requirements therefore call for the direct involvement of various suppliers, starting with bulb manufacturers and finishing with software developers.

Tenderio collects tenders from numerous sources worldwide, identifies only those that are relevant to you and translates them into english. If you want, we match you immediately with a pool of partners with local and sectorial expertise who will help you to write and finalise your bid. Remember, you don't need to know anything about tenders, you just need to have a product or service to be offered.

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