thebenchmarking service

Increase your chances of success when bidding?

With this service, you can benchmark your business against companies who have been successfully awarded contracts, in the segment or the sector related to your expertise. This will give you insight into best practices, and how to improve your chances of submitting offers that will ultimately yield success. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to use this service to identify opportunity niches in the market. Such valuable information can be used to develop opportunities in often overlooked market segments, where the potential for growth for you through successful bidding is greatest.

Here are some examples of the questions we can answer for you based on the extensive database we already have of winning tenders:
  • 1. What companies are successful in a given segment? (Common Procurement Vocabulary -CPV)
  • 2. Where are they from? (Country)
  • 3. Are there usually many tenders in my segment? (Past Tenders)
  • 4. Is there a lot of competition in my segment? (Number of offers)
  • 5. What are the usual assessment criteria? (Lowest Price / Weight)
  • 6. Who is publishing tenders with the higher success rate? (Type of authority)
  • 7. Who is bidding for tenders in my contract size target? (Contract size)
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