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Tenderio at the Single Market Forum 2017/2018 closing event

We are proud to announce Tenderio was invited to participate in the Single Market Forum 2017/2018 closing event, which this year will be held in Riga, Latvia, at the Riga Latvian Society House.

Digital Single Market 2018

On September 14 2018, this high level conference will bring together core stakeholders to make the point of these 25 years of the single market.
Parallel workshops and information sessions will address the different aspects of the single market, as you can see in the agenda below.

08.30-09.00 - Registration and welcome coffee
09.00-09.45 - Opening keynote
09.45-11.15 - Keynote Opening Panel: THE SINGLE MARKET: 25 years Benefits brought by the Single Market: what has it delivered; what are the expectations; what needs to be done
11.15-11.35 - Break
11.35-13.00 - Stakeholder workshops
A1 Challenges and opportunities for free movement of goods in the Single Market
A2 Starting and Scaling in Europe – how to make use of European values in the Single Market
A3 Digitisation/ Servitisation
A4 Retail and Platforms
13.00-14.15 - Networking lunch
14.15-15.15 - Information sessions
B1 Professional services
B2 Public procurement
B3 Enterprise Europe Network: helping SMEs to achieve their ambitions and grow in the single Market
B4 Single Digital Gateway
15.15-16.15 - Concluding Panel: SMEs in a digitalised Single Market: opportunities and challenges
Introduction and moderation: Kristin Schreiber, Director for SME Policy and the COSME programme
17.00 - End of the event


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